David Butenhoff, Father of the Year, thwarted by ice in attempted getaway

As David Butenhoff and his baby's momma learned, diaper bags aren't great for hiding digital scales.

As David Butenhoff and his baby's momma learned, diaper bags aren't great for hiding digital scales.

As the barrage of year-end awards winds down, a late candidate for 2015 Father of the Year has emerged. Fortunately, David Edward Butenhoff’s 19-month-old probably won’t remember that pop spent one of their first Christmases in the clink.

On December 23, a Dakota County sheriff’s deputy was scouting a West St. Paul residence looking for Butenhoff. Daddy dearest was wanted for a parole violation in connection with a robbery, according to a complaint. Around 8 p.m. a car slowed to turn into the driveway, only to swerve back into the lane of traffic and continue on its way.

Thinking this could be their man, the deputy followed the car and pulled it over. But as the deputy hopped out of his squad, the other vehicle took off. The ensuing mid-speed chase, which never topped 49 mph, didn’t last long. After several lane changes and a fateful swerve, Butenhoff lost control. The vehicle slid sideways, hopped a curb, and smacked into a power pole, ending the quarter-mile pursuit.

Nevertheless, The Hoff wasn’t ready to wave his white flag. The 25-year-old got out of the car, ditching his baby, baby’s momma, and some guy to flee on foot. He might have gotten away (but probably not) if it wasn’t for the patch of ice he hit. Instead of leaving the others to explain the drugs in the car and digital scale in his baby’s diaper bag, he slipped on the ice and the deputy nabbed him.

The deputy then approached the child’s mom, Angelica Jayde Sortor, who was riding shotgun.

“Give him the shit the guy gave to you, from your bra,” Butenhoff called to the mother of his child.

Obliging, Sortor pulled a bag with 3.11 grams of cocaine out of her brassiere. That decoy sack was enough to get the 21-year-old woman arrested, but jail officers later found another bag in her bra containing 6.84 grams of meth, plus another gram in her wallet.  

When police searched their car, they found a second digital scale, a grinder, a glass pipe with suspected weed residue, and a jar containing “a green leafy substance” that’s probably not oregano.

Though their stories didn’t exactly match, both Butenhoff and Sortor told the cops the meth and coke belonged to the guy in the backseat. Of course, he denied knowing about any sniffables, but admitted to smoking marijuana next to the baby in the backseat.

The guy in back was cited for possession of weed and paraphernalia, while Sortor was booked on second-degree controlled substance and child endangerment charges. Butenhoff, who’s still hanging out in Dakota County Jail, was hit for child endangerment, two counts of fleeing police, and driving after losing his license.

Of the three, Sortor faces the most severe penalties for her bountiful drug bra, including up to 25 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.