Dave Wellstone calls Kurt Bills' homage to his father "completely disrespectful"

Kurt Bills, you're no Paul Wellstone.
Kurt Bills, you're no Paul Wellstone.

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Kurt Bills views his new "Quick Kurt" ad as an homage to a candidate who, like him, was a major underdog when running for U.S. Senate.

But Dave Wellstone, son of legendary senator Paul Wellstone, doesn't think a Republican has any business trying to use his father's legacy at the expense of Amy Klobuchar.

Shortly after Bills' campaign released his ad yesterday, Dave Wellstone replied with a statement.

Bills' ad "is completely disrespectful of my dad's memory," Wellstone wrote.

He added:

Kurt Bills' economic policies are the polar opposite of what my dad stood for. Amy Klobuchar has fought for middle-class families and does things the way my dad did them -- with optimism, warmth, and an unending respect for the people of Minnesota.

Ouch. Well, Kurt, if for your next ad, you'd like to mimic someone a little closer to you on the ideological spectrum, you could always refer back to Ron Paul's testosterone-fueled, monster truck-rally reminiscent "Big Dog" ad from this winter. "Big Dog Bills" has more of a ring to it than "Quick Kurt" anyway.

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