Dave McLaughlin is Pawlenty's third drunk-driving hire

Tim Pawlenty's campaign is hiring drunk drivers so consistently that you have to wonder if it's one of his application criteria.

Today, Pawlenty named a number of operatives to his New Hampshire steering committee, including Dave McLaughlin, a convicted felon with not one, not two, but three DWI's on his record.

McLaughlin is a former Nashua Alderman whose drunk driving exploits reached a point two years ago that he was sentenced to two years in the Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center, also known as "The Farm."

McLaughlin only ended up serving six months on the farm -- all the while maintaining his elected office -- but his license has been suspended for eight years.

Amazingly, McLaughlin was able to keep his felony conviction and subsequent incarceration secret from fellow Nashua Aldermen for months, even as he missed at least eight official meetings. It wasn't until the press finally broke the news of McLaughlin's stint in the big house that his fellow city officials learned where their colleague had been.

When asked by the press why they hired a felonious three-time drunk driver, the Pawlenty campaign suggested it was time to forgive and forget:

"Dave made terrible mistakes and has to live with those mistakes," Rich Killion, Pawlenty's New Hampshire advisor, told Roll Call. "The governor supports Dave's commitment to redemption."

Wanting to help ex-cons reintegrate into society is a noble motive, but the fact remains that Pawlenty's campaign seems to only have job openings for guys who drink and drive.

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