Dave Cossetta gets into another totally ridiculous parking lot ruckus

Dave Cossetta (left)
Dave Cossetta (left)

In January, Dave Cossetta, owner of Cossetta's Italian restaurant in St. Paul near the Xcel Energy Center -- also known as this guy's favorite lasagna place -- got served a knuckle sandwich after he confronted someone about parking in the restaurant's lot without paying.

But that's nothing compared to the parking lot ridiculousness Dave got himself involved in around 1:30 in the afternoon last Thursday.

The Pioneer Press's Mara Gottfried explains in this Onion-worthy passage:

A dispute over a man speeding through the Cossetta's parking lot ended with the restaurant's owner throwing a pudding cup, which landed on the driver, the driver told police.

But Dave Cossetta said he did not throw the food, which he said was oatmeal with banana and not banana pudding, as described in a police report.

"I was leaning in his car (to talk to him), and he took off racing and it was either drop the bowl or get my arm ripped off," Cossetta said Tuesday. "That was pretty much it."

Police were called to the scene. According to their report, Cossetta, 57, told them the offending driver -- 27-year-old Inder Bhatia, CEO of the neighboring Nevermind Gallery -- has a penchant for driving too fast through the lot.

"David said he was concerned about the reckless driving by Inder because of the danger it poses to his employees and customers," the report says, adding that Cossetta acknowledged "he lost his temper and threw the pudding at Inder's car."

Apparently recognizing he crossed a line, Cossetta told cops he "was wrong and offered to pay to clean Inder's car and clothes."

But his account had changed by the time the PiPress called him yesterday, as evidenced by the quoted passage from Gottfried's report.

In any event, police decided not to press charges against either man, concluding that doing so wouldn't "help resolve the matter in the long term or serve the public interest," the police report says.

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