Dave Chappelle is besties with WCCO's Reg Chapman [VIDEO]

Reg Chapman and Dave Chappelle are old buddies.
Reg Chapman and Dave Chappelle are old buddies.

Who knew Reg Chapman was so cool to hang out with?

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By now you've heard of Dave Chappelle's seemingly interminable stay in the Twin Cities. But what you may not know is that he's old buddies with WCCO's Reg Chapman.

That much quickly becomes apparent in the exclusive sit-down Chapman scored with Chappelle, who also met the rest of the WCCO team.

Chapman: What did you think of Amelia Santaniello?

Chappelle: That's the news anchor I met earlier. She was a dynamic woman, to say the least. I met her and her husband at the same time. I couldn't imagine having a desk across from my wife's. And then going on air with my spouse. That's pretty amazing.

But the best part is when Chappelle gives props to local audiences:

Lots of culture here -- you know, we mentioned Prince but the whole music scene here, this idea that the crowds here, you can tell they see live entertainment a lot. The way the crowds behaves, you can tell it's a standout city in that respect. Some people they'll come, especially if they've seen you on television, and they'll go crazy as if you're on television still, like you can't hear them or see them. The crowds here, the etiquette of the audience is impeccable.

Interestingly, Reg Chapman appears by name as the TV newsman character in this Chappelle stand-up routine from Killing Them Softly:

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