Dashcam video released of 2014 police shooting that killed two [VIDEO]


 At around the 4:40 mark of the first video below, Dawn Pfister tries standing up. 

At that point, Pfister and her boyfriend Matthew Serbus had already come under a hail of gunfire from law enforcement officers, who'd chased the couple's car after reports of a hit-and-run in a stolen car, the Pioneer Press reports. A high-speed pursuit on Highway 212 ended when Serbus crashed the car into a wall. 

As they emerged, Serbus appeared to have taken Pfister hostage, and had pulled out what was later proven to be a small knife. Seconds later, a Minnesota state trooper tells his fellow officers Serbus was "trying to stab [Pfister]."

As the couple staggers away awkwardly, the trooper says: "Fuckin' A. I gotta' drop him." 

There follows a series of gunshots -- "watch her!" someone yells -- which eventually leave both Serbus and Pfister on the ground. 

Whether they'd both been hit isn't clear. But seconds after this first volley, she attempts to get back to her feet. Chaska Police Officer Brady Juell, then holding an assault rifle and approaching the downed couple behind a police shield, would later describe this movement as Pfister "charging" him, according to a lawsuit filed against him. A Bureau of Criminal Apprehension follow-up on the incident said Pfister had "grabbed the knife and then began advancing on officers with it."

Judge for yourself if that's what it looks like. The Pioneer Press obtained and published two uncut dash-cam videos of what happened on that cold day in February 2014. 

Both Pfister and Serbus were killed. Pfister's family sued the city of Chaska -- only its officer, Juell, had admitted to aiming his shots at the woman -- and this week, the Twin Cities suburb settled with her survivors to the tune of $1.75 million, $1.5 million of which will be covered by an insurance policy through the League of Minnesota Cities.

The remaining $250,000 will come out of Chaska's budget, and must be approved by the city council.

Earlier this year, Juell, whose shots killed Pfister, received a "distinguished service" recognition from the Chaska Police Department for his work on "use of force" training. He is still with the department.