Dashboard cam shows Wisconsin man getting arrested for driving lawn mower while drunk [VIDEO]

Charles Gray apparently uses his lawnmower to get around suburban Wisconsin while drunk.
Charles Gray apparently uses his lawnmower to get around suburban Wisconsin while drunk.

Either Charles Gray downed the strongest beer ever, or he was lying.

Gray, 69, is a resident of Jackson, Land of Cheese. A police officer spotted him driving his lawn mower down a suburban street last Sunday evening, animatedly gesturing for the squad car to pass him. But the officer wasn't having it -- after flashing his lights and hitting his siren a number of times, he finally got Gray to pull into the local Walgreens' parking lot.

Traveling at a snail's inches-per-hour pace, Gray crashed his mower into a curb. The officer approached and asked Gray if he'd been drinking. "I've had one beer!" Gray replied, animatedly.

The officer was unconvinced, and asked Gray to take a breathalyzer. He blew a .219, more than twice the legal limit. Maybe his beer came in a Xtra Large Big Gulp size or something.

Says the officer: "You had more than one beer! You have a 2-1-9."

Replies Gray, emphatically: "I've had one beer!"

"You're over double!" the officer says, before hauling Gray to jail.

While this was the first time Gray was busted for three-sheets-to-the-wind lawn mower antics, he's no stranger to drinking and driving when it comes to automobiles, with three previous drunk driving convictions.

Charles, next time, just take the bus. Or, if Jackson doesn't have a bus system, ride a bike. You look like you're in good enough shape for it, it'll get you where you're going faster and keep you out of jail.

Here's the raw footage of Gray's slow-speed chase and driving-a-mower-while-drunk arrest, along with some comments from the arresting officer:

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