Darwin Day in Minneapolis and St. Paul

You feeling that feeling? That feeling of apes making love, of fish going land roving, of birds going deep sea diving, and the potential for spider lips. Yeah, us too. It's Darwin Day today, an opportunity to cherish science. The Big D came into the world 200 years ago, and while his stay was only 73 years, his memory lives on--primarily on the bumpers of Subaru Foresters. 

In honor of the world-renowned scientist, Minneapolis and St. Paul made proclamations celebrating the stupendous Charles D, according to local atheists. Somewhere, Koko the Gorilla is smiling.

The proud atheists of our land deserve a thank you for making this possible. August Berkshire, president of the Minnesota Atheists, submitted the proclamation documents to Mayors Coleman and Rybak. He's obviously excited they took him seriously.

"Well, this is the first time anyone got a Darwin Day proclamation in Minnesota," says Berkshire. "I think it is the fact this is 200th birthday. We all wanted to honor his tremendous accomplishments. He is often listed as one of the Top 3 scientists of all time: Einstein, Newton, Darwin. His work should be honored."

While this definitely makes the case city governments are in fact, evolving, it doesn't really mean they picked a side on the silly fight folks continue to wage over Darwin's work.

"Some people are like, 'What the hell? Why?'" says James Lockwood, deputy communications director for the mayor's office. "But let's face it. Like him or not, the guy contributed to scientific and historic debate. Whether you disagree or support his research he made a significant impact."

(Lockwood adds that both cities make proclamations for all sorts of groups and people, including churches; and in Minneapolis, record shops.)

But still: Wahoo for science! Wahoo for the journey of the HMS Beagle! And wahoo for Charles Darwin!

To celebrate his birthday, the Bell Science Museum will host a Darwin Day Party!

It's from 7 - 9 pm. Tonight. More info here.

And for more inspiration. There's always Pearl Jam.