Darryl Gill alleges MPD ripped out dreadlock, broke his wrist during arrest [VIDEO]

Charges of Gill obstructing the legal process were later dropped.
Charges of Gill obstructing the legal process were later dropped.

A 34-year-old Minneapolis man with a lengthy criminal history is suing the police department for excessive force, alleging officers ripped out one of his dreadlocks and fractured his wrist in two places during an arrest.

Around 2:00 a.m. on April 26, officers stopped Darryl Gill outside a night club in downtown Minneapolis over an outstanding warrant for driving after his license had been cancelled, a gross misdemeanor.

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According to police reports, Gill "became upset and resisted arrest," and they took him to the ground. After a large crowd gathered around the arrest, the officers moved Gill to another location.

Bystander video of the arrest provided to City Pages shows the officers cuffing Gill next to a squad car. After an officer's heated exchange with someone watching the arrest, the officer cuffing Gill -- identified as Sundiata Bronson in the lawsuit -- grabs Gill by the hair, and Gill lets out a loud cry. Gill yells something unintelligible to the officer -- "something to the effect of knocking Bronson out if Gill were not in handcuffs," according to the suit -- and Bronson grabs him. "My arm!" Gill screams.

Watch the video here (the alleged excessive force comes around 1:30):

Gill was originally charged with obstructing the legal process, but the charges were eventually dropped. According to the lawsuit, the officers also injured Gill's ribs during the arrest by roughly taking him to the ground. Gill incurred $3,500 in medical bills over the wrist fracture, and wore a short-arm cast for several weeks, according to the suit.

Gill's lawyer, Ryan Vettleson, says his client never attempted to resist the police. "In my mind, it's just a clear case of officer abuse of discretion," he says.

The city of Minneapolis denied the allegations in a court filing, and in a statement to City Pages city attorney Susan Segal points out that this wasn't Gill's first run in with Minneapolis police. Gill has long history of past convictions, including assault, drug possession, and disorderly conduct, records show.

"The facts of the case involve an individual with a lengthy criminal history who had an active arrest warrant," says Segal. "The City rightfully places high expectations on officer conduct in all situations, including challenging situations where an individual may be resisting arrest. The litigation is at an early stage and the facts will be established in the court record."

Read the full police account of the arrest here:

Gill Police Report by

And the lawsuit:

Darryl Gill by

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