Darrin Kirk, naked U of M stabbing suspect: "You're evil and you must pay"

Darrin Kirk, naked U of M stabbing suspect: "You're evil and you must pay"
The victim and suspect were found near the corner of 15th and Como avenues SE.

A 36-year-old man arrested in a University of Minnesota neighborhood earlier this week was high on meth when he stabbed an acquaintance in the head and neck with a pocket knife, then chased him down the street, according to charges filed Wednesday.

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Responding to a stabbing report, police arrested Darrin Niccolas Kirk near the corner of Como and 15th avenues SE around 5 a.m. Monday after finding him walking down the street naked, visibly sweating, speaking fast, and shaking. Kirk now faces felony charges for second-degree assault.

Here's how it happened, according to the complaint (which reads something like a scene from The Shining):

The victim, a 37-year-old Isanti man, was in Kirk's apartment the night before on the corner of Como and 15th. He watched Kirk smoke meth, and later accepted an offer to crash on his couch.

The victim told police he woke up around 3:45 a.m. to Kirk pacing the apartment smoking cigarettes, and spouting such terrifying phrases as: "You fucked your mother. I gave her to you as a gift but you fucked her. You're evil and you must pay."

The victim was (reasonably) afraid, and barricaded himself in Kirk's bathroom, but Kirk broke through the door with a silver pocket knife. The victim made a run for the door, but it was locked, and Kirk stabbed him in the head and neck before he was able to make it outside.

A Metro Transit bus driver was driving his route near the apartment, and saw the two men running toward the bus.

"Please help me, he's got a knife and he's trying to stab me!" the victim yelled.

The bus driver opened the door to let the victim in, but as he tried to close it, Kirk stuck his arm inside, trying to pry it open. Kirk eventually pulled his arm out, and the bus driver was able to drive away and call the cops. Police found a pair of khaki shorts near the scene, a bloody knife in the pocket.

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