Danielle Stella blog gets cuss-laden message from... Danielle Stella

Stella said the bloggers will “go back to prison with all of [their] stupid, stupid, psychotic friends.”

Stella said the bloggers will “go back to prison with all of [their] stupid, stupid, psychotic friends.”

Danielle Stella’s bid for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s seat has been mostly about butting heads.

The Republican started by posting long threads against Omar, while dropping occasional references to the conspiracy group QAnon. Things came to a head when it was revealed she had previously been arrested for shoplifting a few thousand dollar’s worth of merchandise from a suburban Target, and crescendoed when she got kicked out of Seward Community Café for weirding people out while she professed to expose Antifa.

So some have started doing their own research into Stella's past, including the blog “Danielle Stella Exposed,” which launched last month. It mostly stuck to posting about her previous arrests and looking into her campaign filing. But last week, it posted a recorded message, purportedly from Stella herself.

“Danielle Stella recorded a voice message for us!” the post reads. “How nice!”

It’s not, actually.

“I’m glad you think it’s so funny, and I’m glad you’re getting cocky with this bullshit,” the recording begins. “You’ve been doing it since April, and you’re making mistakes, and you think that you’re smarter than everybody, and you’re not.”

It’s hard to say what the caller means. One of the five site administrators, who asked to remain anonymous for their safety and privacy, says the reference to April was months before the blog began.

But the message continues with the caller saying the bloggers were “going to get busted,” that it was “going to be fucking funny” when they “go back to prison with all of [their] stupid, stupid, psychotic friends,” and that they “need fucking help.”

The Stella campaign didn’t respond to interview requests, so it’s also hard to say for sure if the message was hers. But the site got the audio from an online chatroom that Stella is a part of. They'd been routinely taking screenshots of Stella's comments, and she posted the recording for the whole group.

Shortly after the voice message went up, they took screenshots of chatroom messages from Stella referring directly to them.

“Someone from this group is snitching and posting my comments to some very deranged people,” the account, labeled Danielle Stella for Congress, said. “All of them have me blocked like the weak cowards they are and have teamed up with ANTIFA, terrorists, women beaters, rapists, pedophiles, real criminals, ilhan fans, and all those who don’t want me to run for office.”

She urged the bloggers to “say any of this directly to [her] face.”

“Bring it bitches,” she concluded.

Since then, Stella has closed the chatroom to outsiders.