Daniel Jones sexually assaulted dying teenager, and now won't pay settlement

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones agreed to pay the family of Brittany Powell $2 million following his conviction for sexually assaulting her as she lay dying of a drug overdose in 2000 at his home in Prior Lake. Now, having served four years in prison, he's going back on the settlement, pleading poverty. Nice guy.

KSTP has been after Jones, tracking him to a home in Shakopee, sandbagging him at a gas station, and going through his bank accounts. The station says he burned through $191,000 during one month in 2008, thanks to his tribal membership:

As a member of the Shakopee tribe, Jones has lots of cash coming in each month. He told the court he makes $38,000 twice a month, roughly a million dollars a year, just for being a member of the tribe.

Not only that, but the tribe may be protecting Jones from having to pay up on the settlement, said the Powell family attorney, Fred Soucie.