Daniel Bliefernicht allegedly spiked pregnant girlfriend's drinks with cow abortion drugs

A 23-year-old Madison farmer is accused of lacing his pregnant girlfriend's drinks with veterinary drugs used to abort a cow fetus. He apparently thought it would end his girlfriend's pregnancy instead.

Daniel Bliefernicht was supposedly upset when his girlfriend became pregnant and decided to mix the vet drugs into three beverages. His girlfriend thought they tasted weird, so she turned them over to police. They were laced with cow abortion meds. Should've known all along that farmer was up to no good.


Sounds a whole lot like the Wisconsin girls who were taking these sorts of drugs to abort their pregnancies. Difference: This was an adult father-to-be who thought he could do it farm style without his girlfriend knowing.

Now he is screwed. He says it was the worst thing he's ever done. We'd have to agree.

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