Dane Deutsch fumbles Hitler moment in Wisconsin Senate run

Dane Deutsch says he's just misunderstood.

Dane Deutsch says he's just misunderstood.

Wisconsin Senate candidate Dane Deutsch has concluded that Adolph Hitler was a strong, rather than, say, devious, psychopathic and evil, leader.

He also felt compelled to share his epiphany with the world on Twitter.


And, after checking to see that there was obviously room left in his mouth for another foot, he managed to lump Hitler together with Abraham Lincoln in the same update.

The only difference between the two, he said, was "character."

"Hitler and Lincoln were both strong leaders. Lincoln's character made him the greater leader whose legacy and leadership still lives on!"

All this sounds eerily similar to that teabaggin' crazy running for Congress in Ohio, Rich Iott, who copped to playing dress-up as a Nazi SS officer because he was so impressed with the notorious military division.

In a classic moment of tone-deafness, Iott's tried to dig himself out of that hole by claiming he's just looking for a little father-son bonding time. He might dress like an SS officer, but that doesn't mean he admires what they did.

Deutsch, too, says he's just misunderstood. But his gaffe, made in March but recently uncovered, has produced some heavy duty damage control in his effort to unseat incumbent Sen. Bob Jauch.

Deutsch is one of those people who really ought to think twice before he clicks "Tweet."