Dan Savage wants you to make a day-trip to Iowa


Note: the author's sole motivation for posting this is to pay homage his home state trick you into believing Iowa is more awesome than it actually is. Really, though, visit Iowa. And make sure to bring your tourist dollars.

Our annual 'Best Of' issue is set to hit newsstands next week, and among the categories you'll see are Best Day Trip and Best Weekend Get Away. Both winners are, unsurprisingly, located within Minnesota and (maybe) Wisconsin. Here's another destination for your consideration-- Iowa.

Sex columnist Dan Savage is urging readers to "reward" Iowa for its unrepentant sanity marriage by visiting the state and splurging money on hotel rooms, victuals, booze, etc. Iowa became just the third state to legalize same-sex marriage last year, and has stuck by the decision in face of a small, yet obnoxious minority. Savage's reasoning:

Efforts to ban same-sex marriage in Iowa have stalled and many Democratic politicians and candidates are sticking their necks out for us. Seems to me that teh gays should reward Iowa by--I hope you're sitting down--visiting the state and spending some of our big gay tourist dollars there.
He goes on to recommend the Raccoon River Valley Trail, a scenic 89-mile bike path that runs through Des Moines into the rustic countryside.

It's true that Iowa epitomizes those endless blandscapes travelers are forced to endure as they make span the distance between sexier, more postcard-worthy locales. But it's also true that Iowa is, umm... more scenic than Kansas and Nebraska?