Dan Rather thinks Michele Bachmann is "very articulate" [VIDEO]

Dan Rather used to be the poster child of liberal media bias for all good conservatives when he held down the CBS Evening News anchor chair. Then he got suckered into believing some claptrap about George W. Bush's National Guard record and lost his job.

Sounds like he's getting suckered again. Rather went on record with Chris Matthews declaring that Rep. Michele Bachmann is "very articulate."

She has what the football coaches call breakaway potential. If she gets in the open field, look out, because this woman is very articulate, she experienced, she's smart.

Realizing that he was suddenly sounding like a hired hack, Rather felt compelled to add, "I'm not her campaign manager."

Whoa, Matthews interrupted. "That would be a breakaway, if you took that job."

"That would be a breakaway," Rather admitted. Because deep down he knows it would be nuts to defend a congresswoman who equates paying taxes with being sent to the gas chambers, says the Revolutionary War started in New Hampshire, and ignores slavery when extolling American history.

That's articulate? Watch:

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