Dan Lacey pancake paintings part of Orly Taitz's birther lawsuit


In April 2009, we told you about Dan Lacey, Minnesota's famed pancake painter who made a name for himself when Gawker took on his cause, posting his paintings featuring famous people with pancakes on their heads. 

Now Lacey is mixed up in a lawsuit filed by Dr. Orly Taitz, the famed "birther queen" who wants to be California's next secretary of state. 

Why? He created a work of art featuring Taitz giving birth to a pancake. Genius!

Bring on the pancakes!

Mother Jones has been all over this story, following the drama unfolding in the Taitz mania. Here is the latest:

Taitz has a lawsuit against President Obama in D.C. Federal court seeking to prove he isn't an American citizen. Best of luck with that.

Lacey fell into this mess after he created a painting of Taitz giving birth to a pancake. He made national headlines in 2008 when he started selling paintings of Obama nude on unicorns.

Now Taitz has filed a "motion to reconsider" in her lawsuit and told the court that Lacey's paintings and comments have been used as "intimidation and harassment" against her.

Mother Jones asked Lacey about the paintings and he came back with the money quote:

"I thought all of these were rather sweet paintings of her giving birth so I don't know why her family would be upset. Perhaps her children now suspect that they are actually pancakes."
She says her opponents sent copies of Lacey's paintings to her children and other family members in an attempt to get her to drop out of the race. She's convinced someone connected to Obama commissioned the paintings created by Lacey, but he won't comment on it. So she's going to subpoena him to force him to talk.

Long live birther pancakes! We'll let Lacey speak for himself: