Damn. Minneapolis-St. Paul just woke up to a gorgeous sunrise [PHOTOS]

Wednesday's sunrise in the Twin Cities was a sight to behold.

Wednesday's sunrise in the Twin Cities was a sight to behold. warbux2000/Instagram

There are a thousand practical reasons to wake up before 7:00 a.m., and only a handful of good ones.

Among the latter category, the Twin Cities just got a spectacular reminder of one of the very best: The chance to take in the occasional glorious sunrise.

Wedesday morning's was really something to behold, splashing a painter's palette of oranges, reds, golds, pinks, blues, and purples across the sky's thin cloud cover. If you saw it, you'd have trouble describing it. If you missed it, you'd have trouble getting the big deal, and why your spouse/roommate/pet was attempting to communicate with you so damn early in the morning.

Fortunately, as happened with the astonishing rainbow-ringed sunset we experienced one night last fall, the people of our local Instagram community (plus a few Minnesotans from outside the Twin Cities metro) noticed, and dutifully recorded our area's brief dalliance with living in a masterpiece painting. 



A new day is born...days like this are a gift from the universe! The Rise! #minneapolis #sunrise #therise

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Good morning Minneapolis. #sunrise #minneapolis

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Gorgeous sunrise in the city today. #minneapolis #sunrise #newday

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Spring sky. #Dawn #LakeNokomis #Minneapolis

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Another #sunrise over Long Lake. #applevalleymn #applevalley #minnesota #sky #skyonfire�� #peace #newday

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Very pretty drive to work today. �� #sunrise #minnesota #thisismyminnesota #onlyinmn #elkrivermn

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What a morning in #Minnesota!!!

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Electric airport sunrise ⚡️

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