Damn, Jimmy Butler is suddenly, terrifyingly jacked [PHOTO]

Jimmy Butler looks ready to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Or the Minnesota Vikings, whichever.

Jimmy Butler looks ready to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Or the Minnesota Vikings, whichever. Instagram

Run for your lives, basketball men. 

Jimmy Butler's right arm is here to rip your very soul from your body. From the looks of it, this could be done with minimal effort. 

Let's review. The Jimmy Butler the Minnesota Timberwolves acquired from the Chicago Bulls was a highly skilled athlete in excellent physical condition. Butler was agile, lithe, graceful. Powerful in short bursts, sure, but always more likely to glide past opponents than rumble through them; more adept at snatching the ball off their fingers then ripping it right off their palms.

Here's Butler, circa the 2015 NBA Playoffs, matched up against NBA alpha Lebron James. Note how Lebron appears poised to bump a (massive) shoulder into Butler's chest and bounce right past him on the way to the basket.

Here's Butler looking sturdy but lean, about 18 months ago.

Here's Butler last October being guarded by Brooklyn's Jeremy Lin, who appears to have roughly the same build. As of last season, Butler was listed at 6-foot-7, 231 pounds.

And here are some basketball highlights of Jimmy Butler, which are fun to watch because he's good at basketball, and exciting, because now he lives in Minnesota and plays for the Timberwolves.

As of Wednesday, you can say goodbye to that Jimmy Butler, and say hello to the guy who showed up on Butler's Instagram yesterday. Put this guy opposite Lebron James, like in that picture above, and you're looking at a more even pound-for-pound matchup. 

Combined with a tightened-up hairdo and a throwback shirt recalling the Million Man March, this looks like a man on a mission. For your sake, you'd better hope that mission is winning an NBA championship ring, and not throwing you out a window so hard you fly through the air and smash into another window on the other side of the street. 


on this mission. the dream is free. the grind is sold separately.

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If Jimmy Butler shows up looking like this on opening night six weeks from now, everyone who doesn't play for the Minnesota Timberwolves or root for them should be very afraid.