Damian Goddard wants to get 'smash mouth' on Chris Kluwe

Get ready for a whole lotta this.
Get ready for a whole lotta this.

Damian Goddard thinks it's time to get "smash mouth" on gay-marriage advocates like Chris Kluwe, which sounds pretty severe, presuming he's talking about the '90s band.

Goddard, spokesman for National Organization for Marriage, released a Youtube attack on Kluwe last week, and it is...strange. In a single breath, Goddard calls Kluwe an "idiot kicker," and then condemns him for taking part in the "name calling and shout-down behavior that has come to mark the so-called same-sex marriage movement."

COVER: Chris Kluwe takes a stand
Chris Kluwe and Andy Parrish debate on AM 1130

"Take heart that nothing can destroy marriage," he continues. "No politician, no activist judge, no vote, no idiot kicker. Those forces will do their best to chip away at this most vital cornerstone to every culture known to mankind, but that's exactly how this game is supposed to shake down, folks."

Here's the video:

After discovering Goddard's Twitter handle yesterday, Kluwe took a brief break from gaming to respond:

To which Goddard replied, with a little snark of his own:

Not that we don't enjoy the lively back and forth, but didn't this election end three weeks ago?

[HT: Good As You]

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