Daly Double?

class=img_thumbleft>Both local dailies ran stories this week detailing the struggling congressional campaign of former FBI agent Coleen Rowley. The

Strib hit first

, noting that Rowley had raised just $55,000 by the end of September--compared with $358,000 for incumbent

Rep. John Kline

. The article noted that state Sen. Sharon Marko, a moderate Democrat from Cottage Grove, was contemplating entering the race.

The Pioneer Press followed up with a Rowley piece today. It covered much of the same territory, but threw in another potential contender for the DFL endorsement, Burnsville City Council member Teresa Daly.

For those with short memories, Daly ran against Kline in 2004 and lost 56 to 40 percent. The drubbing isn't particularly surprising given the generally conservative, affluent make-up of the district, which includes Scott, Dakota, and Carver counties. But it should be noted that in the presidential race John Kerry faired significantly better in the Second Congressional District. He still lost, but by a considerably smaller margin, 54 to 45 percent. What's more Daly failed to win a single precinct in her hometown of Burnsville.

Steve Sutton, Kline's chief of staff, figures the DFL endorsement is still Rowley's for the taking. "Because she's a celebrity candidate she can get through he primary running on fumes," he says.

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