Dale Johannessen gets tazed at Minnesota State Fair


Combine St. Paul's two latest tazing recipients and you've got yourself a fully clothed man.

While Brian Dziubak dropped trou in a gas station, Dale Steven Johannessen managed to get his shirt off at the Great Minnesota Get-Together before catching the attention of cops and getting tazed on Friday. One fair goer got the whole thing on tape.

State Fair police responded to complaints that a man was undressing and yelling obscenities. Johannessen said he'd "killed the devil" and that no one could control him, according to fair Police Chief Art Blakey.

He was proven mistaken on that second claim. Officers surrounded a shirtless Johannessen and wrestled him to the ground, before tazing him. Blakey says Johannessen punched an officer in the face before the Taser was used and will be charged with assaulting an officer. He was taken to a local hospital under a mental health hold.

This wasn't the first time Johannessen tangled with cops. According to court records, he was also convicted of assaulting an officer back in 1990.

Fairgoers applauded as enthusiastically to the electrocution as if they'd just come from a hog-tying expo. "I can't believe I just watched someone got tazed," one satisfied witness is heard saying at the end of the YouTube video. "That was awesome."

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