Dale Batt, wife beater and government hater, on "America's Most Wanted"

Dale Batt

Dale Batt

Dale Batt was convicted of third degree felony assault in 1999 after years of beating his wife, sometimes with the couple's daughter looking on. Yet at sentencing, the Blooming Prairie man dodged jail time: A judge stayed his five-year prison term if he underwent treatment and didn't violate his probation. In 2000, Batt vanished. On Sunday he was featured on "America's Most Wanted."

Behind closed doors, Batt spewed anti-government rhetoric. In FBI interviews, Batt talked of his fascination with bomb-making, as well as dabbling in poisons such as potassium cyanide. During one interview, Batt talked about the time he tested a syringe full of chemicals on the family dog. The dog later died.

Jennifer Batt, who goes by another names these days, is in hiding with her daughter and fears for her life. Lately, police think Dale Batt may have joined a militia group.