Daily Kos discovers Laurie Coleman's "Blo and Go," hilarity ensues


Today the Democratic website DailyKos.com discovered the "Blo & Go," and commenters are having a grand old time turning Senator Norm Coleman's wife into a walking punchline.

Locally, we've enjoyed plenty of laughs about Laurie Coleman's salaciously named hair-drying product ever since the Washington Post wrote about it back in January. But now with attention refocusing on Mrs. Coleman thanks in part to her recent appearance in a campaign commercial--some commentators thought looked like she was digitally spliced into the same room as her husband-- the Blo & Go has become the gift that keeps on giving.

From the post by brownsox:

So I wonder how old Norm feels about his wife's invention?

"I needed something of great quality that was really going to stay up," she says.


"The whole key to this is the suction."

Stop it. You're killing me.

Some of the more amusing comments:

I thought Larry Craig already held the patent on that!

Could it have been named after Norm's Dad?

Sounds like the Colemans are advocating for "quickies"

Blo and Go ... exactly what Coleman has been doing to the people of Minnesota for the past six years ... Helpful hint: Norm, try more "go" and less "blo" ...

Blow & Go. Didn't Spitzer get in trouble for that?

Check Craigslist For many other Blo & Go offers....

It has also revived interest in Norm's father's own "Blo & Go" escapade:

A report in this morning's Roll Call shows that Norm Coleman, Sr., the father of Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman, was arrested after he was caught having sex in public in St. Paul, Minnesota, RAW STORY has learned.

Coleman's father was arrested for lewd and disorderly conduct after he was found having sex outside a pizzeria with 38-year old Patrizia Marie Schrag. Norm Coleman, Sr., is 81-years old. - Rawstory

Is it just me, or does the advertising for Blo & Go resemble the baby born with eight-limbs who is thought to be a reincarnation of the multi-limbed Hindu goddess Vishnu:

Daily Kos discovers Laurie Coleman's "Blo and Go," hilarity ensues
Daily Kos discovers Laurie Coleman's "Blo and Go," hilarity ensues

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