Dad charged in baby's 4th of July death

Criminal charges have been filed against the father of Alexander Brennan Heikes Jr., the infant who died July 4.

The father, 19-year-old Alexander Brennan Heikes, was charged today with second-degree murder.

Alexander Brennan Heikes, MPD booking photo

The criminal complaint says that on the evening of July 3rd, Heikes became very upset at the way his life had been going -- work, school and his relationship with his girlfriend. The baby fussed in his crib, and Heikes picked him up -- the father's thumbs on the baby's chest, his fingers on the infant's back -- and squeezed him aggressively. The baby had trouble breathing, so the father tried to soothe him by lying on the bed with the infant on his chest.

Hours later, Heikes awoke and found the baby still on his chest, but dead.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner found that the baby's liver and spleen had been lacerated, and that he bled out into his abdominal cavity. In addition, his abdomen was bruised and he had ten to twelve healing rib fractures.

Heikes confessed to the crime, according to Minneapolis Police.