Dad beats child over gang colors and is sentenced to time served

Kenny Tamon Jackson has admitted he beat his 4-year-old because the child was wearing rival gang colors. He has admitted he was in a fury brought on by a craving for drugs.

Now, Ramsey County District Judge Kathleen Gearin has sentenced him to 86 days in jail that he has already served. She also ordered Jackson to have no contact with the child -- who hid while his father tore up their St. Paul apartment -- until he completes a parenting program, and tacked two years' probation onto his sentence.

The PiPress has more on the August 25 incident:

"The 911 caller stated that Jackson is reportedly a Blood gang member and blue is the color of a rival gang," the complaint said. "Jackson ripped the shirt off of his son and began to hit him with his hands and fists. Jackson then attempted to break down the bedroom door stating that he needed money."