Cyclist exposes himself at Lake Calhoun, says he was training for naked bike race


If you want to do one of those naked bike races (who doesn't?) you're probably concerned that your privates might not be able to handle the uh... bare naked friction. So what better way to test it out than taking a nice ride around Lake Calhoun with your junk hanging out?

That's the reasoning behind one man's case of indecent exposure Thursday that ended with him being arrested by police. When they asked what he was doing exposing himself as he rode around Calhoun, he claimed he was training for a West Coast naked bike ride. Right.

More from the Star Tribune:
Johann Scott Scrimshire, 42, was arrested about 6 a.m. near Calhoun Parkway after a 911 call about a man on a bicycle exposing himself to walkers and joggers.

The officers said Scrimshire was wearing a skirt-like garment or a pair of shorts with the crotch area removed, said Sgt. William Palmer, a Minneapolis police spokesman.

"It clearly looked intentional," he said.

Reached by phone Thursday night, Scrimshire said, "The charges are ridiculous, and the facts will come out in court."

Police received a similar call 10 days ago, but aren't sure if it was Scrimshire.