Curious squirrel makes it to pages of National Geographic


This Minnesota couple will be featured in National Geographic, but no one really cares about that. Look at that freaking squirrel!

The curious squirrel that meandered into their camera's view in Canada is now world famous and will be forever remembered on the glossy pages of National Geographic, according to the Star Tribune. The squirrel's photo will now sit in attics for centuries piled along with other NatGeo's people collect for no real reason but to look worldly and educated.

Melissa and Jackson Brandts submitted the photo to the NatGeo "Your Shot" site where visitors can vote on their favorites. The photo was a clear winner and the Brandts told the Strib that their photo will be featured as the editor's pick in the November issue.

But being in the pages of NatGeo is old news when you are a worldwide star and hilarious meme. Check out the Squirrelizer if you haven't already. It's endless fun.