Cuddyer, Kubel and Nathan: Which player(s) should the Twins bring back? [POLL]

Michael Cuddyer might have played his last game as a Twin.
Michael Cuddyer might have played his last game as a Twin.

The Minnesota Twins awful season is finally, mercifully, over.

Now the Twins have to make the hard decisions of which players they want to bring back next year -- and some of those players need to make the hard decision of whether it's worth it.

Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel are unrestricted free agents as of yesterday morning, meaning that they could sign with literally any team, including the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Yokohama BayStars, or the Caribou Coffee Softball Team.

More likely, though, it'd be the Yanks or the Sox, where all good players eventually go to cash in and die a little inside.

Another player at risk of moving on is closer Joe Nathan, who's due $12.5 million if the Twins want to resign him.

City Pages wants to know: Who must the Twins keep, and who should be let go?

Jason Kubel, Joe Nathan: Worth keeping?
Jason Kubel, Joe Nathan: Worth keeping?

Kubel made about $5.25 million last year, and Cuddyer cashed checks that added up to $10.5 million. Nathan, who battled injuries this year and traded the closer spot with Matt Capps -- yet another unrestricted free agent -- got paid $11.25 million.

The Twins have an option to resign Nathan at $12.5 million, but could also buy out his contract for $2 million, and try to negotiate for a bit less. Both Kubel and Cuddyer negotiated with the Twins earlier this year, but chose not to resign at that point, the Pioneer Press reports.

So, who do you want to see in a Twins uniform on Opening Day 2012?

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