Crystal police shoot dozens of rounds at man in public park [VIDEO]

The condition of the man shot Wednesday morning in Crystal, MN, is unknown.

The condition of the man shot Wednesday morning in Crystal, MN, is unknown. KARE 11

 It's unclear if the woman who recorded this video of a police shooting in Crystal, Minnesota, is right. 

But after hearing how many shots ring out, you can understand her pronouncement near the video's end: "They killed that boy, I bet you."

Details are still hazy on what happened in a public park Wednesday morning in Crystal, a suburb located about 15 minutes northwest of Minneapolis. Police were called to Basset Creek Park where they encountered a black man who was holding a gun, the Star Tribune reports

Crystal Police chief Stephanie Revering says her officers told the man to put down his weapon, and he refused. Thinking they were in "imminent danger," Revernig continued, the cops "discharged their firearms toward the suspect."

Did they ever. This amateur video obtained by KARE 11 doesn't show any of the action as it played out, but the audio portion captures well over a dozen gunshots fired. (There is no indication the civilian discharged his weapon at any point.)

The condition and name of the man involved are not yet public. Nor are the names of the officers who shot him -- they have been placed on paid leave -- or why they felt the need to take this step. Police scanner tape has officers radioing that the man was "refusing to put [the gun] down," the Star Tribune reports, followed soon after with a call "Shots fired!" 

Speaking in generalities, Revering suggested the number of firearms cops encounter has made their jobs riskier, and more difficult.

“These men and women put their lives on the line every day," she said. "The number of guns on the streets in the metro area and the growing number of shootings make an already difficult job that much more dangerous.”

The incident has been turned over to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for investigation.