Cris Carter calls Randy Moss quitter; Moss fires back on Twitter

Randy Moss and Cris Carter made sweet music together as the best receiving tandem in Vikings history.

Moss was the home run hitter, CC the sure-handed possession receiver. During their 1998-2001 run, the team made the playoffs three times, including two ill-fated runs to the NFC Championship game.

But now, following news that the 35-year-old Moss wants to return to the NFL following a one-season retirement, he and Carter are squabbling like an acrimoniously divorced couple.

Carter, who now works as an ESPN football analyst, was on the Mike & Mike morning show earlier this week when he was asked about Moss' return. Here's what he said:

The one thing you have to address with Randy Moss is not a conditioning thing. It's not an age thing... I believe it's the elephant in the room. It's that thing called quit. And Randy, not like any other superstar I've met, he has more quit in him than any of those other players. So I need to address that. That's what [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick did when he brought him over from Oakland [in 2007]. He told him he wasn't going to have it. But Randy, when things don't go well, like no other player I've ever been around or associated with, he has a quit mechanism in him that's huge. That needs to be addressed before he signs with any team.

Carter's remarks, harsh as they may be, are tough to take issue with. Moss' first tenure with the Vikings ended shortly after he walked off the field during the closing moments of a Vikings loss in Washington, D.C. -- a game the Vikings still had a chance to win when Moss sulked to the locker room. He was then traded to Oakland, where he looked disengaged during a quiet 2006 season where the Raiders' quarterback situation was a disaster. In New England, he reportedly got into a heated argument with one of the Patriots' offensive coaches during his last game with the club, a victory over Miami where he had no catches. He was then traded to the Vikings for a second stint, which ended after he looked disengaged during a loss to the Patriots, then professed his love for his old team while simultaneously throwing the Vikings coaching staff under the bus during a bizarre post-game press conference. (Of course, somewhere in there Moss also made an ass of himself by referring to a locker-room Tinucci's buffet as 'food he wouldn't feed to his effin' dog'.) After being released by the Vikings, Moss then sulked through the least-productive half-season of his career with Tennessee before deciding to hang it up.

So, Carter pretty much hit the nail on the head. But Moss nonetheless felt betrayed by criticism coming from the man who was his "mentor" when he entered the league, and he took to Twitter to fire back.

The hashtag refers to the fact that for some reason, Carter, despite being arguably the second-greatest receiver in NFL history, still hasn't been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And Moss apparently believes bad karma keeps CC on the outside looking in.

But Moss must've had second thoughts about his CC bash, because a short time later he appeared to extend an olive branch to his old Vikings teammate:

"Still luv u bruh"... ah yes, it'll be nice to have Moss back in the league, assuming a team wants to sign him. Come to think of it, the Vikings could probably use a stretch-the-field receiver... maybe his third time in purple will be the charm?

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