Crime blotter: let's play hockey!

Crime blotter: let's play hockey!

class=img_thumbleft> On December 29 at approximately 2:47 a.m. St. Paul police officers were dispatched to 1482 Grand Avenue to investigate a robbery complaint. Upon arrival officers observed an individual talking frantically on a cell phone and gesturing towards a dark vehicle parked in the middle of the street. The cops also noticed an individual, subsequently identified as 22-year-old St. Paul resident Brian Terrance Krueger, carrying a broken hockey stick.

According to a criminal complaint filed yesterday in Ramsey County District Court, when the police began shining a spotlight into the vehicle it took off with the passenger-side door open. However the driver, 22-year-old Maplewood resident Jonathan Edward Averill, pulled over after the squad car's emergency lights were activated.

The responding officers then interviewed the three robbery victims, identified only by their initials in the criminal complaint. All three stated that they were walking eastbound on Grand Avenue when a dark blue vehicle approached them and two males exited. The taller man, allegedly Krueger, held a hockey stick, while his partner was carrying a small knife. They told the three victims to give up their wallets or "we're going to beat your ass." One of the victims surrendered his wallet, which contained $15. Kruegger then allegedly struck him with the hockey stick on his left arm and the left side of his face. Another of the victims was also struck in the face with the hockey stick. The assailants then fled in the vehicle, promising to return with a gun.

The pair returned to the scene of the crime just as the cops were arriving. Averill was searched and found to have a pocketknife in his possession. The officers also discovered $15 in the glove box of the car. Krueger and Averill both denied that they committed the robbery, insisting instead that they were the victims. Both face one charge of first degree aggravated robbery.

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