Crime blotter: funny money

On March 7th, a Champlin resident identified only as D.J.D. in court documents, left a dollar bill on the kitchen table of her Sunset Drive apartment. She also set up a video surveillance camera in the residence. The reason: she suspected that the caretaker of her apartment building, Timothy Glenn Karr, had been entering her unit and stealing money. When D.J.D. returned home at 2 p.m. that afternoon the dollar was missing. According to a criminal complaint subsequently filed in Hennepin County District Court, the videotape showed the caretaker in her apartment. When responding police officers tracked down Karr, he was indeed found to be in possession of the bait dollar bill. Written on the back of the currency: "I was stolen by the caretaker." Karr faces one count of second-degree burglary.


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