Crime blotter: concrete solutions

On May 4, at approximately 7:46 a.m., Lakeville police were called to a construction site on Hughes Avenue. A concrete crew working at the location had dialed 911 to report that a female in a nearby house was pointing a rifle out of a window and firing it in their direction.

Upon arrival, the Lakeville cops were in the process of gathering information from the construction workers when they heard a loud "pop" come from the address in question. The police then called for backup.

Officers got no response after knocking on the front door of the house from which the rifle was apparently fired. They then broke down the door and went inside. The first person they enountered was Joseph Maciewski, age 26. Subsequently they also arrested 21-year-old Brooke Seekins.

In addition the police discovered what at first appeared to be a high-powered rifle, but upon closer inspection turned out to be a replica pellet gun. It was not loaded.

According to criminal complaints subseqently filed in Dakota County District Court, both Maciewski and Seekins admitted dry firing the gun out the window. They allegedly told the police that they'd been up all night and wanted the noise from the construction crew to cease so that they could sleep.

Maciewski and Seekins have each been charged with one count of making terroristic threats.