Crime blotter: all talk

On July 2, just before 9 p.m., Lakeville police received a 911 call from Dennis Dale James. He informed the dispatcher that he was en route to his ex-wife's house and that he intended to kill her. According to a criminal complaint filed today in Dakota County District Court, James claimed to be armed with Glock handguns, hand grenades and a shotgun. He also stated that he would kill the police dispatcher and any officers that attempted to confront him. At this point the call was turned over to Sgt. John Kornmann. James told him that he had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana all day, and that he was bi-polar. Then his cell phone cut off.

Lakeville officers responded to several possible residences for James. At an apartment on 210th Street, a boy informed them that James had just left the building. Officers tracked him to another nearby residence and placed him under arrest. No firearms, explosives or ammunition were found in his possession. James was charged with making terroristic threats. The 28-year-old was convicted of a similar charge in January, 2004.