Creepy UMD student to plead guilty to harassing cousin for nude photos


A University of Minnesota Duluth student allegedly wanted naked photos of his cousin so badly that he chose the blackmailing route to get them. After he hacked into her computer in 2006, he threatened to steal her identity and delete her files if she didn't send him nude pictures of herself. Something here is a little... off.

Anthony Phillip Dzik, 24, of St. Paul plans to plead guilty in the case to avoid going to trial, his attorney told the Duluth News Tribune.

He was charged with harassment/ stalking, criminal defamation, and electronic use of false pretense to obtain identity.

Dzik tricked his cousin, a University of Minnesota, Mankato student, into clicked a link in an instant message that gave him access to her MySpace and Yahoo accounts. Then the threatening began.

More from the DNT:

The student at first refused Dzik's threats but eventually relented and sent a total of 20 pictures, after he allegedly threatened to send the pictures to his cousin's friends and family, as well as spread them on the Internet.

"U call the cops, the pics will be on the net faster than you can dial 911," he wrote, according to the court complaint.

Dzik then allegedly sent the photos to a man in Colorado, who used two of them to try to threaten the Mankato college student, the complaint says.

The cousin ended up calling the police, who found the Colorado man and then her cousin. Dzik has admitted to having naked photos of his cousin and sending the link to hack into her computer.

Real winners up at UMD.