Credit card-stealing device makes its Minnesota debut

Credit card-stealing device makes its Minnesota debut
A device called a "skimmer" that steals credit card information just by swiping the card has been implicated in incidents in Eagan and Maplewood. The item looks extremely similar to a normal payment-swipe device, so it's easy for criminals to hide their intentions when stealing card info.

Abe Smith worked at an Eagan Wendy's and it looks like he allegedly swiped customers' info as he rung up their orders. He and his friend, Gabriel Langford, allegedly transferred the credit card info to gift cards and used their new cards to go on a shopping spree. We have to admit, if we worked for minimum wage slinging burgers, this would sound like a pretty sweet plan.

Ion Datcu and Stelian Cipu were convicted in September of an even more devious scheme when they attached a skimmer to a TCF ATM in Maplewood; the pair had collected the info 230credit cards, according to Maplewood police and the Secret Service.

Check out a video on skimmers below, and the full story at the PiPress.

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