Crazy shopper trashes Menards on Black Friday [VIDEO]

Not saving big money at Menards.

Not saving big money at Menards.

We thought the cretin in Wisconsin who knocked over the 100-year-old Wal-Mart greeter took the prize for Most Depraved Shopper in the traditional post-Thanksgiving retail orgy.

But that was before we saw video of the insane shopper at Menards.


The unidentified woman had tried to cut the checkout line at Menards in Grand Chute. When she was stopped by a store worker, she didn't say "sorry" and get in line like everyone else. No, she went certifiably batshit crazy, knocking over displays, cussing and shouting.

The action was caught on video by another shopper; the crazy woman had evidently already been making such a spectacle of herself that the amateur newshound already had the camera flipped on when the smackdown got going.

As the crazy shopper was escorted from the store, customers cheered and clapped.