Crazy NoDak racist is on hunger strike, says he plans to leave physical body behind

Craig Cobb, to WDAY: "People's comfort level is best when they are amongst their own."
Craig Cobb, to WDAY: "People's comfort level is best when they are amongst their own."

Craig Cobb, the part-African neo-Nazi who's trying to establish a "White Nationalist Community" in the small, unsuspecting city of Leith, North Dakota, is in jail and on a hunger strike he vows will end his earthly existence.

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Cobb was arrested and charged for threatening various Leith residents with guns (for a crazy photo of Cobb and his buddy toting rifles around a blighted section of Leith, including a building adorned with a swastika, click here). As of yesterday, he hadn't eaten since being booked into jail.

Check out this bizarre passage from a Bismarck Tribune report:

Cobb, who is taking water, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from jail that he is not on a hunger strike to protest his imprisonment -- though he does feel he is wrongly accused -- but is instead practicing mahasamadhi, a form of spiritual enlightenment in which the physical body is permanently left behind. Cobb said that will happen for him at yuletide, another term for Christmas.

"This is not the only realm, or plane of existence," Cobb said, according to the report, adding that since he's sure he won't get treated fairly by the courts, "better I go to mahasamadhi."

Asked about what lessons he hopes history will take from his "mahasamadhi," Cobb, who faces up to 35 years in prison, said he hopes to raise awareness that "any nascent white movement will be crushed." He considers himself a martyr, the Tribune writes.

Prosecutor Todd Schwarz, meanwhile, doesn't sound like he's sweating the possibility the world may soon contain one less neo-Nazi.

"To a certain degree, if he wants to starve himself, he can," Schwarz told the Tribune.

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