'Crawdaddy' revived by Wayzata rock fan


class=img_thumbleft>[T]he specialty of this magazine is intelligent writing about pop music," announced 17-year-old Swarthmore freshman Paul Williams in the first issue of Crawdaddy! in 1966, a mission the publication carried on (on and off) until folding in 2003. Now the grandpa of rockrags has been relaunched online by Wayzata entrepreneur Bill Sagan's rock memorabilia website Wolfgang's Vault, based in San Francisco, with Williams himself advising the editorial office out of Encinitas. New ( editor-in-chief Jocelyn Hoppa confirms that her name is not a pseudonym for (music writer) Jessica Hopper--she says her resume includes having helped start The L Magazine and performing as a member of Brooklyn air-guitar band High Maintenance. Her Crawdaddy! went live last Wednesday with an amusing article by Bob Hill pleading, "for the love of Pete, do not call [Craig] Finn the new [Bruce] Springsteen. Talk about how Springsteen's broken-dream beaches gave rise to Finn's Penetration Park; how Finn is Holly the Hoodrat to Springsteen's Puerto Rican Jane; Charlemagne to his Spanish Johnny. Discuss how Finn's characters seek freedom through excess and salvation through religion, while Springsteen's heroes exist along the dark and desperate highways of our conscience--faint and forgotten, but somehow still bound for hope and glory." Welcome back, 'daddy.