Craigslist fraudster facilitates snowblower theft [Updated]

The cops are working with Craigslist to track down the mastermind.

The cops are working with Craigslist to track down the mastermind.

Stacie and Phillip Lansing just want their snowblower back.

They're not mad at you for taking it. They know it wasn't even your fault. But seriously, give it back.

While they were out of the house yesterday, some Craigslist schemer posted an ad saying that the Toro 825 left outside was up for grabs.


When the Lansings arrived home last night, someone had already capitalized on the offer. They found out about the Craigslist ad after neighbors began calling and asking if them if the snowblower was still available.

The family reported the strange incident to police last night, who are still trying to track down the snowblower and the mastermind behind the ad, says St. Cloud Police Sgt. Martin Sayre.

"We've reviewed this with the city attorney and we think it does fall under the theft statute," says Sayre. Police are working with Craigslist to find the scammer.

Though a weird crime -- the only reward is knowing you ruined someone's day --Sayre says fake Craigslist ads like this one are actually not so uncommon in St. Cloud.

"There was one where an ex-boyfriend posted a female's name on Cragislist to be a surrogate mother," he says.

Update: The missing snowblower has been returned. Everyone can now return to their regular daily business.