Craigslist founder speaks about memorial concert appearance


Craiglist founder Craig Newmark spoke Sunday at the memorial concert for Minnesota murder victim Katherine Ann Olson. Olson was murdered after she responded to a phony ad for a babysitter.

Since the murder, online classifieds giant Craigslist hasn't been in the greatest light as her murderer and more recent alleged criminals are labeled "Craigslist killers". To read the backstory of the Craigslist controversy and learn more about Olson, be sure to check out our print feature.

Our sister paper, Village Voice, caught up with Newmark following the memorial concert to get his comments on the service. Read them below.

From Village Voice:

We asked Newmark -- who hasn't been talking to the media much lately -- how he thought his speech went. Via e-mail, he responded:

"The whole situation is gut-wrenching, and I think that showed in my speech. I wanted people to know how much my heart went out to the Olson family on the loss of their beautiful daughter and to express my concerns to the audience that people need to exercise personal safety precautions when meeting anyone for the first time."

Newmark had lunch with the Olsons who made him feel like "a member of their extended family." They spoke more about Olson and their shared interest in international relations, Newmark says.