Craigslist find: Horrifying boob art


Boobs come in all shapes and sizes and it's time to appreciate them all with some beautifully horrifying bar art. Someone in Stillwater posted an ad on Craigslist for "BAR ART SEMI NUDE FUNNY," but the photos tell another story that might make you swear off the milk jugs for life.

Who hasn't been searching the internets for fake gold-plated wall hangings of odd lady parts? Each boob set has it's own unique title: cannonballs, ski jumps, old socks, and the pointer. Ugh?

Put on the beer goggles to get into these, but we're thinking they might not work this time.

The ad:

Please dont kick me off of craigslist...I have 4 rare vintage topless sculptured wall hangings for your bar that i have put post it notes on the naughtybits. I found these while cleaning out the attic at my father in laws...yikes! They are funny and inappropriate for anywhere in my house. They are titled on each piece...cannonballs, ski jumps, old socks, and the pointer. I have put a pop can so you can get an idea of size. These are made out of light weight plastic type material and are in really good shape. One has a little sliver of plastic missing undeneath one of the cannonballs. They are really kind of cool and stiking if you have the right spot for them. I am sure you wont find another "set" like these anywhere, so to speak...these gotta be from the 1970s or before.

Pick these naughtybits up ASAP before you miss the opportunity. Craigslist only produces so many gems.