Craigslist babysitter ad murder trial starts this week

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Craigslist babysitter ad murder trial starts this week
When Katherine Ann Olson answered Michael John Anderson's phony Craigslist ad for a babysitter in 2007, she ended up dead. Anderson's trial for the alleged murder of Olson begins this week.

Stillwater prisoner wants to serve remaining sentence in Russia
Pytor Shmelev, a Russian serving 30 years in Stillwater Prison for murder, wants to be transferred back to Russia for the remainder of his sentence. His application was denied, but he says transferring him would save Minnesota $32,800 a year it costs to house him in the prison.

Food waste: compost of pig feast?
As Hennepin County tries to encourage businesses to increase their recycling of food waste for composting, one pig farmer says he is losing major grub for his pigs. He says the compost program takes away from his business.

The $18,000 found by Rosemount kid was from pot grower
Remember the kid who was handing out $100 bills to his friends? Police say he found it in a ditch and it was tossed there by a Farmington pot grower.

Better plan your Minnesota state park vacation now
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says reservations for cabins and campsites at state parks are filling up fast. Anyone planning to make an overnight trip is urged to do so quickly. So is this really true or just a marketing ploy?

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