Cowboys' Terrance Williams blames crashed Lamborghini on Vikings' Kendall Wright

Terrance Williams' story blaming Kendall Wright for his crashed Lamborghini is hard to believe, and was apparently "news" to his own lawyer.

Terrance Williams' story blaming Kendall Wright for his crashed Lamborghini is hard to believe, and was apparently "news" to his own lawyer. Youtube/Dallas Morning News

There are many emotional elements to this confusing story about Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams and Vikings wide receiver Kendall Wright.

Old friendships. Tested loyalty. Cops. Allegations of drunk driving. Allegations of a romantic evening, ruined. An embarrassing viral video. A car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Careers worth millions.  

The only thing missing is the truth.

Here's what's known: In the early hours of Saturday, May 19, a Lamborghini owned by Williams (a 28-year-old Cowboys receiver) crashed into a light pole in Frisco, Texas. Soon after, police spotted Williams riding a motorized scooter down the street. According to dashcam video, that did not go well.

After tipping over on the scooter, Williams was arrested for public intoxication, but he claims his drunkenness was not related to the wrecking of his Lamborghini. Williams claims he was at home that night, and had lent his car to Wright (the 28-year-old receiver who signed with the Vikings in March), whom Williams says used it to take a date out for the evening.

Williams and Wright played college football together at Baylor, where they caught passes for Heisman Trophy-winning quartberback Robert Griffin III. Wright was drafted by the Tennessee Titans, and Williams by the Cowboys, though the two apparently remained friends as pros.

As of the release of this police report and related videos, that friendship might be in some jeopardy.

Williams told police he was at home when he got a call about his car, and decided to take the scooter out to "see what happened," the Dallas Morning reports

"My friend was a fucking idiot," Williams told cops, before identifying Wright by name.

The story Williams tells there is a little different from what he said in a subsequent statement about the incident:

"The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn’t drive."

To be clear, that is a statement from Terrance Williams explaining how it was that he, Terrance Williams, crashed his Lamborghini.

Williams' own attorney, asked about his client's story to cops blaming Kendall Wright, said, "All of that is news to me," and suggested Williams was recovering from a concussion. A concussion Williams suffered from the car accident he now claims he was not present for.

Here's a troubling paragraph for people who care about the Cowboys, or Terrance Williams, or his relationship with the truth.

During Officer Byrom's questioning of Williams, he asked the receiver if he had his cell phone on him and he told the officer he didn't and it was in the Lamborghini. He then asked Williams how Wright could have called him if his cell phone was in the car. Williams told the officer Wright had called someone at Williams' home to tell him he had crashed the car.

This one is worse.

After Williams was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication, the officer searched his clothes and located the keys to the Lamborghini in his shorts pocket. Those keys were placed into evidence.

Williams was arrested for public intoxication. An investigation into the car accident is ongoing.