Cowboy fight at Lino Lakes rodeo involved 30 people, 'spurs and whips'

You'd think the presence of a bullwhip would discourage fighting. You'd be wrong.

You'd think the presence of a bullwhip would discourage fighting. You'd be wrong.

No cutting in the calf-roping line.

This basic rule should be obeyed at all parties that include calf-roping as an activity. Because some people didn't have the common courtesy to stick to it, five people were injured and dozens of cops responded to a crazy scene in Lino Lakes on Saturday night.

Initially, local police had heard reports of an "assault," but arrived to find a crowded amateur rodeo that had gone out of control. 

Cops found a "large party" taking place in a farm field. A brawl had erupted with "30-plus people" involved, the Pioneer Press reports. Plus, some of the fighters were using some old-time cowboy props.

"We're getting reports they are using spurs and whips," one officer says on the police scanner audio. 

Officers radioed for backup to get control of the crowd, with "hundreds of people" there, though some were trying to flee the fight, and others didn't even know it was happening. In one description of the chaotic scene, one cop says, "Victims are suspects, suspects are victims." 

This goes without saying, but if a 30-person melee breaks out and some people at the same party don't even notice, that party is either huge, wild, or both. 

Lino Lakes Sgt. Chad Schirmers says the fights broke out over people not waiting their turn at the calf-roping area, and jumping to the front of the line. 

Schirmers added: "I don't understand." 

Eventually, a fleet of officers from multiple law enforcement agencies arrived and surrounded the fight, bringing it to a fairly peaceful ending. At least 35 cops from 10 agencies, including the Minnesota State Patrol, were involved in the response.

Five people were treated for minor injuries, and just one guy was arrested for a misdemeanor assault. 

The event organizer was also arrested for "facilitating an unlawful assembly." That penalty is not for organizing the rodeo event, but for organizing a rodeo event that turned into a riot scene from a Western movie.