Court stays in control of Daniel Hauser's chemotherapy treatment


The Hauser family hoped they could regain control of their son's cancer treatment at a hearing yesterday in Brown County, but the judge held firm to the court's ability to control the treatment. The mother and son did flee the state just a month ago trying to avoid the very treatment they know claim they can handle on their own.

Daniel Hauser has been following the court-ordered chemotherapy treatment after he and his family refused the treatment for his Hodgkin's lymphoma. They opted for more alternative treatments, which they believe are more helpful and safe.

Daniel Hauser was hoping to get out of the chemotherapy treatment, despite X-rays that show it is helping. He says he believes the alternative treatments he is doing alongside the chemo is actually the reason for the shrinking tumor.

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"It was less than a month ago," the judge said, "that we were looking for Mrs. Hauser and Daniel," who had fled from their Sleepy Eye, Minn., home to California to avoid court-ordered chemotherapy and to search for alternative remedies.

A new attorney for Daniel's parents, Anthony and Colleen Hauser, argued the couple had complied with the court's orders. Brown County Attorney James Olson countered that they have complied because the court is a "hammer over their heads" and that they might decide to again refuse chemo for Daniel if the court were no longer involved.

Daniel will receive his next round of chemo this morning at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. He spoke to the Associated Press about the chemo treatments.
"I get really sick when I do it," the teen said during an interview at his family's farm in Sleepy Eye. "You get so dizzy and I get a headache right away."

Daniel said he believes the improvement in his condition is being caused by his alternative treatments, which include vitamin supplements, ionized water as well as organic foods.