Couric so desperate for fans, she'll even take hermaphrodites


In what was probably an attempt to be a little witty and attract a few more fans, CBS News anchor Katie Couric made a comment that might turn some people away. She's even OK with hermaphrodite fans these days just to keep her show afloat!

Couric surprised local Fox News entertainment reporter and Couric super-fan Jason Matheson with a phone call to his FM107.1 show after hearing about his creepy obsession and shrine to her. He even wakes up to the CBS Evening News intro. Yikes.

After Couric admitted she was a a little freaked out by his obsession, Matheson said,"I'm just a simple little gay boy with a crush on Katie Couric."

Her response? "Get in line. Just kidding! For whatever reason, I have some gay fans. I am very flattered my gay friends enjoy my work. Gay, straight, I'll take anybody at this point... hermaphrodites."

Huh...? Being in third place does wonders for your abilities to stay PC.

Listen to the audio here. Look under June 8 in the first hour of his show.

More from the Star Tribune:

Matheson's insistence that he was not a scary dude wasn't news to Couric. "I did due diligence," she said. "I found out you're a very nice, normal guy. ... I had actually the FBI and the CIA checking that. You came back clean. I'm very flattered, sincerely flattered that you like my work and you kind of dig me." When Matheson remarked that during down moments, Thompson plays the theme to the "CBS Evening News" to cheer him up, Couric joked, "That is sad. I wouldn't tell anyone that."