Councilwoman Alondra Cano owns a big piece of Lake Street's crime problem

Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune

Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune

Reader Hieronymus Karl-Friedrich von Münchhausen responds to The Hard Life on Lake Street: Inside Minneapolis' sex-work hub:

This problem started when Councilwoman Alondra Cano took office. The actions initiated and sustained by her predecessor were ignored. She knew better.

Two years ago, neighbors started complaining to her office and asking for help. For most of us, we watched, worked and tried to stem the flow with no help from her. She alienated police officers at a crime meeting, preferring to talk about her efforts with Black Lives Matters and nothing about the crime concerns in her ward.

She ignored the e-mails and pictures (beginning with 283 spent condoms in a 2 block linear area). These condoms were right outside of Anderson United, the largest grade school in the state.

She ignored the documentation of 8 school buses picking up children at prostitute central.

She has ignored five homeless deaths on the Midtown Greenway. Even when sent the pictures of the body, she ignored them. If you want the e-mails, happy to share!

She is ignoring all the homelessness, including infants and children.

She talks about male oppression of women as the cause of sex work, ignoring the gay men, transgender sex workers, and lesbian pimps.

She ignores the recommendations of the former founder of Weed and Seed, a neighborhood expert and ongoing victim.

Cano is not capable of being the voice and leader of the ward. She has had two years to do anything, and has done nothing. Her claims to fame thus far are 5th Precinct and North Dakota.

I have a few emails where she actually responded and it was to completely pass the buck and responsibility to others.

Previous council members built bridges, united people, cared. She has alienated the very people we need to help us.

She needs to go away, please.