Coulter on death panels: "Zeke Emanuel is on my death list"


Leave it to Ann Coulter to take an already absurd debate about President Obama's "death panels" and make it straight-up offensive.

On Sean Hannity's show, Coulter said she would approve of these "death panels" if she could be on one. Oh, and apparently Zeke Emanuel is on her death list. We'd like to know who else she would target. We particularly appreciate the awkward silence from Hannity and his guests following her comment. It's frightening to think that anyone watches Hannity for any actual facts these days.

Emanuel is one of Obama's chief advisers on health care.

Watch the clip below.

Unfortunately Republicans don't seem to understand that these end-of-life counseling sessions are optional and help people plan their care for the end of their life. We're talking living wills, hospice care, etc. Let's all remember that assisted suicide is not allowed in most of the United States, folks, and it's not something doctors push on anyone anywhere.

This flat-out lie became real news when quitter Gov. Sarah Palin did her own fear-mongering on her Facebook page warning Americans about Obama's plan for "death panels". Palin cited Rep. Michele Bachmann's floor speech for this idea. This theory has been debunked by everyone.

Even Palin is stepping back from her "death panel" idea. She's responded to Obama's debunking with another more reasoned response clearly not written on her own. How do we know? It has footnotes!